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BigBoyTumbleweed Blog

Summer Snacks

  • Jul 27 2017

BLUE DIAMOND NUT-THINS Almond Crackers Cheddar Cheese snack chips Nut & rice NEW

These Crackers make a great Snack or side with Sandwich or Fruit. Great Cheddar Snack, nice and light Cracker for Summer. For Purchase and more information, check Blue Diamond Cheddar Crackers here.

McVities Chocolate Cookies------Yummy!

  • Mar 29 2017

McVities Penguins #Chocolate Cookies a Special Chocolate Cookie Treat with Coffee--very Tasty! This is one of my Favorite Cookies. Cookie is covered in Chocolate with a Chocolate Filling. Available at this Here

2017 is Here! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Jan 8 2017

2017 is here and so are new and exciting Food and Antiques to our website! We are looking forward to a wonderful new year and hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday and is looking forward to a great 2017!

We have more fun & Exciting foods available in Snack, Coffee & Tea Categories.

Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies

On SALE Fall and Halloween 15% off DISCOUNT on Orders over 50 PROMO Code: Autumn 2016

  • Sep 27 2016

On SALE Fall and Halloween 15% off DISCOUNT on Orders over 50 PROMO Code: Autumn 2016

Just in time for the Fall and Winter Holidays. This is a special discount on Orders on for items over $50.00. Just use the Promo Code Autumn 2016 in your payment and/or send us an email to participate in these special savings. Code Valid until October 1st.

This listing is for a discount only, and not any items from the images shown.

Promo Code is


Please use this promo code when checking out with our Store. Happy Fall Ya'll!

Fall is Here--Yea! Pumpkin Spice Time

  • Sep 24 2016

Hope everyone is Ready for Fall, kids Back in School and the Cool Fall Weather coming in. Busy with Soccer Games, Football Games and Fall Festivities--enjoy yourselves this Season and watch all the Fall Colors on the Trees.

We've included in our Fall Food Collection--of course--Pumpkin Spice--Yeah! It's Pumpkin Spice Cookie Spread--take a look, try it out on your next Cookie, Cake, or Coffee Break along with some Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea. Put you right in the mood for Fall--Happy Season and Enjoy!

Nuccina Pumpkin Spice Cookie Spread

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Chai Latte Tea Mix

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte Mix

Coconut Curds and Cream

  • Jul 8 2016

Every since I've had Dickinson's Coconut Curd, I've become interested in Curds. Found a Recipe for Pineapple Curd that looks awesome. Haven't tried it yet, it looks wonderful for Summer Pies and Creams.

Recipe is by Baked By An Introvert and can be found here: Pineapple Curd Recipe

--Baked By An Introvert say---"This homemade Pineapple Curd is sweet, creamy, and so easy to make. It takes just a few minutes to whip up this bright, tangy filling. This bright and buttery pineapple curd is a delicious filling for cakes, cupcakes, sweet rolls, and tarts. You’ll be happy you made this once you give it a try!"

Can't wait to try it! Check out some of our Curds & Creams in our Cremes, Curds, Jellies, Jams Section