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Keurig Cafe Escape Mocha K-Cups 16pc cappuccino latte coffee hot drink chocolate

When cocoa and coffee get together, delicious things happen. Delectably sweet and surprisingly delicate, our Cafe Mocha's a sophisticated treat that'll make your "me time" more amazing.

  • Brand: Keurig Cafe Escapes
  • Features: 16 K-Cups Cafe Escapes, Mocha Flavor. Contains Milk, Caffeine content less than 50mg, Gluten Free, Contains a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners.
  • UPC: 099555008036
  • Approx Size: 16 K-Cups.
  • Condition: This item is new and unopened. Item has been kept in storage. Item may be scuffed, scratched, showing wear, discoloration, spots, yellowing, and natural wear for being kept in storage. Images are stock images and packaging may vary. Sold As Is.

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