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Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap Moisturizing body Bar Soap 8oz Fragrance Free

Pure & natural from Greece. Cleanse and moisturize naturally. For centuries, people of the Mediterranean have recognized the nourishing benefits of olive oil for healthy skin. Harvested from sun drenched orchards, our olive oil is crafted traditionally into this superbly moisturizing soap that is perfect for all skin types
  • Brand: Kiss My Face
  • Features: Pure Olive Oil Soap. Fragrance Free, 86% Pure Olive Oil for Superior Moisturizing. Non-GMO. Pure & Natural from Greece. Olive Oil is a superb moisturizer for all skin types. No phthalates. No artificial color. Biodegradable. Gluten free. No animal ingredients. No animal testing.
  • UPC: 028367731481
  • Approx Size: Net Wt 8 oz (230g)
  • Condition: This item is new and unopened. Item has been kept in storage. Item may be scuffed, scratched, showing wear, discoloration, spots, yellowing, and natural wear for being kept in storage. Images are stock images and packaging may vary. Sold As Is.