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VINTAGE Country QUILT & Bib 80 x 71 pink & green patchwork pattern farmhouse decor

VINTAGE handmade Country QUILT with Bib pink nine patchwork pattern hand stitch

  • Brand: Country Quilt
  • Approx Year/Date: 1960s
  • Material: Cotton and Batting
  • Features: Hand Stitched, Art Deco, Half Circle Swirl Stitch, 5 X 4 Quilted Blocks with 5 X 5 Solid Blocks, Alternating Block Design, Green Matching edge piping and removable top Bib with Mother of Pearl Buttons, Underside is Cream Color
  • Approx Size: Approximately 80 1/2" Long X 71 1/2" Wide
  • Condition: This item is Vintage: it appears to be USED and kept in storage. Item is scuffed and scratched, shows wear, discoloration, spots, yellowing, scuffs, rust/corrosion, and natural wear for it's age. Kept in Storage, item is USED. Stains on top, under removable Green Bib and around edges. One Button missing from Bib. Quilt is handmade with hand stitching, and or may have machine work patching. There appears to be some ripping in the fabric from age and storage. Quilt has stains and will need repair work. Quilt has been used in a household setting, shows wear, has stains and rips in fabric. Stains on Back. Batting is bunching in some spots. Colors may have faded and bled onto quilt from age, and some parts of the fabric may be thinning, fading, ripped, patched, and/or generally worn. As this is a handmade quilt there may be inconsistencies and is one of a kind. Sold As Is.

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