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SmartyKat Scratch Not Anti-Scratch Deterrent Barrier Tape roll cat kitten care

Scratch barrier tape, because cat's need to...Scratch. Most cats dislike the tacky feel of Scratch Not tape on their paw and will learn to re-direct their scratching to more appropriate surfaces.
  • Brand: SmartyKat
  • Features: Safe and effective scratching barrier. Invisibly protects home furnishings, Safe and effective scratching barrier, and Easy to apply and remove.
  • UPC: 786306098971
  • Approx Size: 18ft x 2 inches (5.5 m x 5 cm)
  • Condition: This item is new and unopened. Item has been kept in storage. Item may be scuffed, scratched, showing wear, discoloration, spots, yellowing, and natural wear for being kept in storage. Images are stock images and packaging may vary. Sold As Is.